Alcova Should Be On Your Short List

Fishing has been excellent and good fishing, most of the time, means fun. This picture epitomizes the experience. Guides are often more excited than the guests when a text book brown hits the bag. We have had the pleasure of seeing quite a few of these lately but they aren’t common. Soft Hackled PT or Hare’s Ears with an All day may dropped has been a good choice for much of the day. PMD nymphs and Pine Squirrel Leechs AND hopper/dropper rigs. The dry isn’t getting tons of attention but this arrangement allows you to target big fish grinding in skinny water. Tricos in the AM are giving some very nice dry fly opportunities as are the caddis in the eves. It is chow time on Grey Reef and central Wyoming Fly Fishing is quiet and productive. The streamer bite hasn’t been stellar but the cool water temps are welcomed regardless. Lots of hoppers doing their thing and I feel it is only a matter of time…gulp.