Grey Reef Fishing Report and Flow Update

Grey Reef has been bumped up to 2,100 CFS and The Mile is at 1,800 CFS. We got some weather yesterday and it looks like we’ll get a mix of rain and snow throughout the weekend.  Seth and Adam guided on upper Grey Reef yesterday and had the river to themselves.  Fishing was ridiculous!  The Reef has been fishing great with Reef Worms and the Deep Purple in both #14’s and #16’s, poxyback baetis, RS2’s in grey, brown, and olive and pine squirrel leeches.   Water conditions remain to be excellent from Grey Reef Dam to Casper.  We will keep you posted on further changes.


Got a little bit of cold and wet weather moving into Central Wyoming…maybe?  As of this morning it’s blustery but we have yet to see a drop of moisture.  Guess we will see what happens but hoping for a little bit of moisture with this one.

Both Grey Reef and Miracle Mile continue to fish great and have excellent water conditions.  Grey Reef is still running at 1,500cfs and we have fishable water conditions all the way to Casper, WY.  Water temperatures on Grey Reef are still hovering in the low 40s(40F-43F) and lower river(Sechrist) is sitting in the high forties(46F-49F).  We are now seeing baetis(BWOs) on a daily basis and the fish are without question keying onto the nymphs, emergers and even a few of the adults.  The most productive fishing is taking place from mid/late morning through the afternoon-coinciding with the baetis and midge hatches.  Our Grey Reef guides have been doing extremely well on PTs, foam-wing RS2s, epoxy-back baetis and various other small nymphs.  As for the Mile water conditions are excellent.  The visibility is as good as it gets!  Our guides have been dialing down their tippet size to 4X-5X fluorocarbon on the Mile and seems to be making  a difference.  Crawdizzle’s, micro san juans, foam-wing RS2’s-that’s what we are using.  With low pressure coming the next few days it might be time to chuck some meat!!!!



The Grey Reef stretch of the North Platte River, Wyoming is holding steady at 1,500cfs.  Water temps on upper Grey Reef are sitting between 39-42F .  The fishing and weather has been borderline ridiculous!!!!  Our guides are reporting a little bit of a slow start in the early morning but once they hit the 10-11:00am hour, a few midges/baetis start popping and it’s game on!!!  Our rigs have been reef worms, deep purple, PSLs(pine squirrel leech) on the point with a foam-wing, epoxy-back baetis, PAL, and/or GS mayhem dropper.  We have been fishing 5-7ft, indicator to split and 1-2BB on the weight side of things.  Please try and be considerate of the fish trying to spawn!

Grey Reef Flow Update

The Reef is at 1,250 CFS as of this morning, the Mile is still holding at 1,500 CFS. From the sounds of it the flows might be here to stay, which opens up much more water to fish. Our boats had a good day yesterday with fishing really picking up in the afternoon, they were catching fish with Leeches, Reef  Worms, bead head CDC Pheasant tails, Gray and black RS2’s , and some Barr’s emergers. We’re starting to see some baetis hatching and the fish are definitely keying in on them. We’ve got some wind to look forward to the next few days and then maybe some storms on Wednesday, but the fishing should still remain good!

Grey Reef is at 1000 CFS!

The Reef is now at 1,000 CFS and Miracle Mile is rolling at 1500 CFS! We will keep updating the flows and hopefully have some info soon on where we can expect the flows to be in the coming weeks. Got word of some awesome dry fly fishing last evening at Fremont with smaller midge patterns. We have guide boats out today and will post an updated report tomorrow. Again don’t forget about the cable closure and be mindful of spawning fish.

Grey Reef Fishing Report – Flow Update

Grey Reef got bumped up to 750 CFS today and the fishing has remained solid. More water is definitely a good thing, but we don’t know for sure if the flows are here to stay. The past couple of days we got to enjoy some nice weather and today it looks like we might see some snow tonight! The fishing has remained good with red and purple Reef worms, GS Mayhems, RS2’s, amber scuds and some egg patterns. The steamer bite can be good at some points in the day, an olive Peanut Envy along with the Goldie and a tan Near Nuff picked up fish on Tuesday. Today fishing a Crawdizzle with an intermediate line also worked well. Fremont/Cardwell has also been producing a good number of  fish, smaller reef worms and black and red midges have been the ticket. There are a lot of fish on redds up there so watch where you are wading and try not to mess with any spawning fish.  Don’t forget about the closure between the cables all of April. As always call or stop by the shop if you have any questions.


If your planning on heading this way-both our shop and Sloane’s General Store have been experiencing technical difficulties in regards to our on-line license machine.  That being said if you can purchase your license elsewhere, please do.  We are hoping to have this problem resolved ASAP.  Thank you!


Grey Reef flush is over and we are back to 450cfs.  We have great river conditions from Grey Reef dam to Casper, Wyoming and the fishing is solid, top to bottom!  Our guide boats have mainly been sticking to upper Grey Reef(Dam-Gov. Bridge) and nymphing has been the program.  Reef worms, deep purple, gs mayhem, pine squirrel leech, and a few egg patterns are what’s on the menu.  We are seeing a good number of fish moving up on redds…please be considerate of these fish, try not to harass them while they are trying to spawn.  In the very least DO NOT walk through any spawning areas.

North Platte Spring Flush Fishing Report

The flush is on and the fishing is great! You can’t beat 60 degree weather in March. Fishing at Grey Reef has been good starting around 9:00 when the flows level out. Brown and purple pine squirrel leeches along with Reef worms  in red and purple have been good, especially on the swing! The Reef’s Lazy in #20 and #18, black zebra midge, and a  black RS2 size #20 have also been picking up fish consistently. Fremont was producing good numbers of fish yesterday with the same flies mentioned above, most of the fish were on the size #18 Reef Lazy. It was dead calm and there were midges EVERYWHERE! Had some folks out at the mile yesterday reporting that fishing was good with leeches and scuds, even picking up a few fish on a streamer,  a Bread and Butter or a Goldie were the ticket. As always, if you have any questions give us a call  or stop in the shop. Get up here and enjoy this awesome spring weather!