The Unknown Grey Reef

Central Wyoming fly fishing is simply awesome. Water is clear. Boats are a cluster of rods because pods of risers are a frequent occurrence…light emerged rigs, streamers…Tricos, psuedos, baetis, caddis and midges. A veritable zoo of aquatic insects and the animal life along the river has been the icing. Bats, fox, deer, antelope, bald eagles, osprey, owls etc etc.  Lower sun makes shadows longer an scenes more dramatic. Amazing.

Sage Grouse opened yesterday and plenty of birds were put up they called their limits with several hours of super productive fishing yesterday afternoon. They are at it again today with a slightly different approach. Get here, you won’t be disappointed. 

Is Baetis a Season?

Cooler weather, low pressure and some moisture…even snow up a bit higher, lengthening shadows and prime river conditions. Today Grey Reef dropped to 700cfs and we should expect to hit the 500cfs floor soon. This flow will remain until next Spring’s flushing flow. Wade fishing, steamers and dry fly don’t get any better. What are you waiting for? Cottages, lodge options and an excellent guide crew…maybe wait until October when we have a little availability and the baetis kick into high gear. Or go pig hunting with your streamer rod late Oct through mid November. Rent a boat or hook up your RV. Camp out with a warm shower and flush toilets…we got you covered. Don’t forget upland bird hunts, cast and blast on the Big Horn River, waterfowl. This is fine and dandy but expect more from us. 

September Primes October

September primes October? Wyoming fishing has been a roller coaster of very good fishing and variable water conditions. We have gone from very clear and hoppers to mud and light nymph rigs back to dry/ dropper to streamer and hopper etc etc etc. Grey Reef is at 800cfs and fishing excellent. Dry fly has become a favorite and why our August and September schedules are so busy. Don’t worry, we are working on ways to make sure you are able to fish and stay at/with the best. Our limited space with only 6 lodge rooms, 15 RV sites and 4 guest cottages don’t offer enough for the Grey Reef angler who wants to be at the best possible location and in the nicest facilities. 

Miracle Mile is at 525cfs and fishing well. Not the same pace as The Reef but well worth it. 

Sage Grouse season is almost on us and we have a busy hunting schedule. Call about our cast and blast opportunities on the Big Horn River in Thermopolis…pretty awesome. 

Moving to Fall

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing is turning and burning. August was super busy and September is going to smash that…strap on the seatbelts! We do still have a cottage and a guide available this coming weekend, get it! 

Grey Reef flows are down to 1000cfs and the North Platte River has recovered after the burp last weekend.  The dirty conditions didn’t stop the fish. Trico hatches, caddis, psuedos, midges etc all in play. Dry/dropper rigs? Yes. Streamers? Yes. Light nymph/emerged rigs? Of course. Techy dry fly? Indeed. 

Miracle Mile flows are 500cfs and the NPL and TRFS guides reporting very good fishing. A bit brown but that is the standard tannic tinge this time of year.  Primarily nymphing but great wading opportunities. 

Fremont Canyon is brownish as well and fishing good during hatches. Plenty of surface or very near activity. Force feeding them during the lull hasn’t been great, however. 

We are throttled up and will start to pull back to cruise control about the time that the notorious BGRT (big grey reef trout) start getting really active. Trophy Time in Trout Town. October through mid November. 

Fall Fishing and Eclipse 2017

If you like September then you should try October…experience the reason the guides love October. 

Are you aware of the total solar eclipse of Aug 21 2017. Casper Wyoming is directly in the heart of the shadow and has the best viewing potential of anywhere in the world due to our high likelihood of bright blue and pollution free skies. Grey Reef is the coolest place to be while this rare event happens. Hook and land a Grey Reef brute during the eclipse!!

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing continues it’s streak of excellence. Greg Reef is fishing very well with all techniques…nymphing, drys and streamers. Bring all your gear! The Htey Reef system from Alcova to Glenrock and through Casper has very clear and cool conditions and steady at 1500 cfs. Great time to rent one of our drift boat fleet. Miracle Mile is nymphing very well and the flows are 800cfs. Fremont is a trico and caddis paradise! 

Tricos and Lower Flows

Burec dropped Grey Reef flows to 2000cfs this AM and the fish and trico hatch is/are bonkers. So many fish on the surface right now it is maddening. Miracle Mile is at 1200cfs and has been bouncing all over. Despite that the fishing has been solid. 

Don’t expect to show up and hook 100 fish on unchanged nymph rigs like you might in the spring. Expect some amazing dry fly fishing with trico spinners early, hopper dropper midday and caddis at dark. Expect some crushing eats on streamers…Goldie is getting ’em juiced. Expect short nymp rigs to get them in the traditional trout water and pushy runs. Don’t expect a lot of eats in slow troughs right now.  The fishing is really fun during this time and excepting the Tricos early the afternoon has been the most productive. 

Our reservoirs are full making the carp fishing exceedingly good. Sight casting in shallow water to a wary opponent makes for an emphasis on stealth, good presentations and once hooked a test of your equipment and fortitude. 

Chilly Wyoming Fishing Conditions

Central Wyoming has been very nice over the past few days. The eves are dipping to near or even below zero and yesterday climbed into the mid 30s with little wind. Fishing is solid with standard winter nymph rigs. Miracle Mile access is still a bear but expect great fishing there as well. The Reef Fly Shop, Casper, Alcova and Grey Reef’s only fly shop on the river or anywhere near prime water, will be open for our winter hours Wed-Sunday 8-12 (or 2 if there are Grey Reef anglers about).

CHEAP TRIPS and what you should know: we won’t be at the Denver shows but we still offer the best value in a trip, in season or not. Watch for some April promos but these are very limited. Our CHEAP TRIP is $375 for a real full day -lunch. $500 for 2 anglers with a one night cottage stay and a full day trip or $600 for 2 nights one day fishing. This is the time of year when you want to get out of the boat and wade fish and that is a feature that no other service can provide like we can. Now through March 15th so get yours quick.

Wyoming Fly Fishing is the Gift

Central Wyoming was calm at the end of the day and the fishing was as good as the conditions. Clear water, bright skies, no other Gray Reef anglers and hungry trout. Winter rigs are great and streamers are proficient. Scuds, leeches, midges on a nymph rig and Goldie/Peacock bugger a good combo for a slowish retrieve.

Cheap trips? Ready to shop? We do the off season rate trips through the middle of March like everybody. Except you get a full day trip and our private access unobtanium with any other outfitter. The sweetest deals are our package trips/lodging at The Reef Fly Shop, Cottages & RV.


2 anglers – full day trip – 2 nights in a cottage – $550 AWESOME!

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