Fishing Report for Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon

Well, our little spot in the world continues to be mostly cloaked in white.  No complaints from our guide crew, as we are hoping for some good runoff and full reservoirs this summer!  Keep it coming…

Grey Reef is floatable from Grey Reef Dam to Government Bridge.  It’s always a nice treat to be able to throw a boat on this time of year.  Winter program on Grey Reef is as you would expect.  We are getting some nice fish to eat streamers on a slow swing and strip.  Just ask TRFS guide Lee Iberlin, he’s averaging at least one big brown a week right now on the upper river.  A six or seven weight set up with an airflo 40+ fast intermediate line is the ticket!  Keeping that fly in the zone is crucial in the winter, especially when the fish seem to be a little sluggish.  Most of our top streamer patterns have been in white and/or natural colors.  Of course the nymphing is great…standard winter bugs-leeches, reef worms, scuds, PALs, and GS mayhems to name a few.  We are fishing a little longer rig(6-8ft) right now, unless we are seeing a good number of midges popping.

The Miracle Mile has been a very similar program to Grey Reef.  Keep in mind traveling to the Mile has been impacted by the consistent snowfall in Central Wyoming,so make sure you have 4wd, a shovel and any other supplies you may need. Our streamer color there has been more on the darker shades-olive and brown.  Our nymph rig has been around 6.5-8ft and 1-3 B shot.  Top flies are hh leech, pine squirrel leech(brown and natural), PAL, amber scud, and a orange scud.


Fremont is in good shape and the water is clear.  We have dialed down our tippet(4X to our lead fly, 5X to the dropper) and we are doing best on small bugs.  Midge patterns in #18-#22.  Remember to approach each run as light-footed as possible, Cardwell/Fremont fish are affected by stomping around on the bank/water.  It’s small water, so don’t give yourself away!