Fishing Wyoming Fishing Grey Reef

Beautiful day!! Water is in good shape, warm and calm….wow! Miracle Mile fishing great, Fremont Canyon fishing great and may have some risers today, Grey Reef fishing great. Mostly a nymphing game with some streamer activity on a slow swing/retrieve. The Reef’s Goldie a good streamer choice. Worms, leeches, scuds and midge patterns. Baetis nymphs shouldn’t be overlooked. The next week is forecast to be in the 70s. Get it while you can cause it won’t last…more than likely. Call for early season trips until March 31.
Had to post this pic^^. Trent, Seth and I as employees with Bret the boss in 2004. Trent and I are now the owners and Seth is head Guide. Seth and Trent heading into their 12th season and I into my 14th season at the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop. 38 years just between the 3 of us…jeez.