Grey Reef

This AM we woke to 5*f which feels nice as we have been on a stretch of morning temps between -22* to -11*. We have received and additional inch or two of snow over the past several days as well. The next few day the temps will be steadily and slowly rising. Along with the slight increase in temps we will see wind which hasn’t been present during this spell so far. Thursday may be the start of normalcy with temps in the upper 30s.

We can’t really recommend being on the water with dangerously cold conditions like we have but the fishing will be just fine. Midges will be ready for a big hatch as the temps climb a bit…always cool to see the white river banks covered with little black bugs in the dead of winter! If you do go out try not to expose the fish to the extreme colds of our environment. Keep them down where it is warm and wet.