Grey Reef Fly Fishing Report

Central Wyoming is back to seasonal temps and we have received a bit of snow recently. Last night was a brisk -5* but today is blue bird, low 20s and calm. Fishing is very good and as usual the nymphing is great. Streamers will get attention but keep the retrieve low and slow. Midges hatch daily and we have seen some dry fly potential. Grey Reef is producing the best with leeches, scuds, midges, worms and moderate sized streamers. Fremont Canyon nymphing is solid but might want to drop one size of tippet and bug size…keep the patterns simple and small. Miracle Mile fly fishing is also good with quite a few fish in the tailouts and beyond. Will get a few in the heavier seams as well.

We’ve had some calls about fishing conditions and cottage availability this weekend. The weather is calling for slight chances of snow and temps in the mid 20s. The fish don’t care and they will oblige the hearty Grey Reef angler. We do have cottages available and they make the perfect base of operations. Close to Grey Reef, the bar and The Reef Fly Shop and a great place to warm up, crack a few, simmer a pot of chili and watch the game.