Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon Fishing Report

Grey Reef flows are 2700cfs

Miracle Mile flows are 1050cfs

Grey Reef is still fishing very well.

Nymping with caddis, crawdads, PMDs, scuds etc on a short rig. Fast water. Tons of midges around.

Streamers on a floating line with a Goldie Locks and a pine squirrel leech or crawdizzle dragger. Fast water.

Hoppers are picking up speed! Don’t discount them. The pic above is a 24″ rainbow that Paisley Kadison caught on a hopper with JJ a couple days ago. Tricos are back in force as well. Early rhythmic sippers on the spinner fall.

Miracle Mile is nymphing great with big Prince Nymphs, Pat’s Rubber Legs, worms and beedy leeches. Caddis, scuds and midges also apply.

Fremont is pretty gross looking and not fishing very well. Of course they are there and available but both the Mile and the Reef are in much better shape.