Grey Reef / Miracle Mile / Fremont Canyon Fishing Report

What a beautiful weekend!  Not much new to report other than the fishing is good everywhere.  Finally the Miracle Mile is has been more consistent and giving up some good fish on San Juan worms.  Our boats landed 23 and 26 inch browns this week. Flows have been a bit more stable, hovering around 800 cfs.  Fremont Canyon /Cardwell is getting better everyday.  The trout have been eating everything from Tricos in the morning, worms, leeches and crawdad patterns are working well during the non hatch periods. Here on Grey Reef the weeds are complicating things a bit, but the caddis have been popping at dark.  A gray size 18 Elk Hair caddis has been getting the job done.  We have also had some success with a dry dropper rig in the Sechrist-Bessemer stretch.  Again if you are floating you can’t go wrong on the lower river.  Things have been very productive from Lusby to Robertson road.  This should be a great week to fish.  The forecast is for warm temps, little wind and abundant sunshine for this entire week.  Get up here.  You won’t be sorry!