Fly Fishing Casper Wyoming

Fishing conditions in Casper, Wyoming and upstream to Grey Reef, Fremont Canyon and Miracle Mile are not favorable to the angler. The fish are having a great time but air temps this morning are still -10*. However, our temp at Grey Reef is forecast to be 32* today…big turnaround huh? With this will come stout Wyoming wind but this isn’t bad for the angler. The warm winds will fast track a thaw and Grey reef and Miracle Mile will be prime for the fishing once again. Standard winter nymph rigs of scuds, leeches, worms and midge patterns will keep your arm uncomfortable. Streamers, while not going to attract as many fish, will attract high quality trout. The Reef Fly Shop is open and has the Galloup’s patterns as well as our custom flies, like the young classic the Goldie, will give your reel a little exercise.

Have you checked out Casper, Wyoming lately? There are some exciting things happening with cool events and projects on the horizon. The Platte River Revival along with the City of Casper and Wyoming Business Council have funded a large scale effort to restore North Platte River fish habitat within the Casper, Wyoming city limits. This means creating runs and riffles that trout need. Casper has also stepped up to the plate with better dining options and a coming convention center and upscale hotel on the banks of the North Platte River and in downtown Casper. There is a slowly changing trend and the days of “let her deteriorate” are passing us by, thankfully! Excellent fishing, a whitewater park and greenbelt along the river already exist but are improving all the time.

Coming attractions to the Casper, Wyoming area.

~Fly Fishing Film Tour: This event has sold out the past couple years and is gathering more steam. Come visit us at the meet and greet prior to the show. Beer vendors and our popular BuffTrout, The Reef Fly Shop, logo gear will be available.

~Casper Mountain Sled Dog races THIS WEEKEND! Such a cool event that raises a pile of money for local charity. These dogs are animals! Ha.

~Casper Chase Nordic Ski Race coming the first weekend of March. If you didn’t know Casper, Wyoming boasts an amazing Nordic facility. Groomed daily, big log lodge, lights for night skiing and too many miles of trails. Also in the works is an Olympic biathlon facility. Rob Rosser, Olympic Biathlete  Nagano ’98, is the coach of the US Para Olympic biathlon team and is spearheading the development.

~Fat Bike Races and Demos put on by the guys at Fat Fish Racing. They are responsible for the popular local mountain bike race series. Details coming soon but the first race planned is an Enduro with downhill being the timed event…yes Fat Bike Enduro! There will be an eliminator and an cross country race that will be preceded by snowshoe events. If you can’t catch the fat bike series, make sure to bring your mountain bike and explore local mountain bike trails or summer cross country races between casts. There is also a cyclecross series for slop season enthusiasts.


Grey Reef & Miracle Mile Fishing Conditions

Squeaky snow over the Grey Reef,  Miracle Mile & Fremont Canyon region. Wyoming is a touch chilly. Fly Fishing Grey Reef or Miracle Mile is probably best postponed for a couple days. This AM it is -14*F at the North Platte Lodge in Alcova, Wyoming and with wind your skin will experience factors of -30*f or more today. Casper Mountain Nordic Center is currently reporting -27*f air temps.

Use this opportunity to tie a few bugs and organize your fly boxes. Our classic North Platte Lodge pattern, the All Day May, has gone through its third major design change and I can’t wait to put it to the test. It started life with a deer hair feature that we changed to zelon and the whiter color years ago…for durability. Now this pattern features a foam back and post. You might be suspicious of our fly bins at The Reef Fly Shop. We use a lot of white foam in our patterns. Why? Simple, white is the best Grey Reef attractor color for bugs. Of course purple and red are good but studies show white as the hero. The foam also make a very durable pattern. Not good for sales but good guides and those who like their flies to last longer than 2 fish. These patterns tied to light tippet and coupled with the appropriate flex rod and reel drag tuned correctly can be used for several days. The foam is a key to how we like to target Grey Reef and Miracle Mile fly fishing. We like short and light rigs that put the bug in the action zone and the foam keeps the fly nice and high. Many people get discouraged with nymphing because of the  lack of feel and questionable use of “lures” and weight. Rarely is a rig longer than 6′ needed. Understanding where the fish are at all phases of the hatch creates a fun and challenging puzzle. Sure you can run a 10′ rig on 2x with a 3/0 shot and pin a couple beads of eagle claw hooks and catch plenty of fish all year long and never have to even think about what is happening. These types of rigs do not require a good drift, they do not require an appropriate and well timed hook set and they don’t require a guide who has intimate knowledge of the Grey Reef fishery. All they require is flopping your junk over the edge of the boat and reeling after the fish snags itself into the rig. Guides call this “fishing for the client”. We call this an abomination of the experience. Our guests appreciate the eye opening results and the realization that these techniques will open doors in how they approach their local fisheries.

Grey Reef Fly Fishing Report

Wyoming is experiencing another winter storm and fly fishing will be left to the most hearty or crazy today. The Grey Reef and Alcova area already a couple inches of snow on the ground and the wind is moving it. Cold conditions will dominate over the next several days. Air temps of -10* and wind chills of -25* are possible. Be careful! Roads won’t be ideal and access to Miracle Mile will be tougher. Getting stuck out in the prairie in these conditions could be really dangerous. In Wyoming, we have wide expanses of undeveloped, uninhabited and rarely visited ground. Don’t rely on cell phone service or someone happening along. Wyoming fly fishing is about being self sufficient and prepared for the adverse conditions. Our experiences, though routine, may seem like adventures to many.

Grey Reef Angling Report

Winter Wyoming fly fishing at its best. Grey Reef is fishing very good with nymph rigs and streamer rigs. Nymphs are very consistent and the streamer activity fluctuates from good to very good. The North Platte River was slushy below Government Bridge yesterday and fully iced at the Narrows. Expect portions of  upper Grey Reef to freeze over with our approaching chilly front. It will be below zero tomorrow eve with a high a couple degrees below zero on Wednesday. Wednesday night will be -10* or so. Thursday and Friday also look chilly.

Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

The Grey Reef crew worked them yesterday. North Platte River was warm and bluebird with a little wind but the fishing was very good. No new news on the bugs of choice EXCEPT you should check out a few of our patterns newly released for sale in the shop. The Mayhem Midge comes to mind. These new patterns combine elements of simplicity, durability and the things that we love about FLY  FISHING. So much fun to learn about the nature and behavior of trout and go outside the box. Fish pushing into unusual areas and continually suspending very high in the water column to take advantage of the hatch. We like flies that will preform from the bottom to the film and everything in between.

It appears the Wyoming Fishing Regulations may have been amended to make enforcement of pinned bead/snagging rigs much easier. We will see how this plays out?

North Platte Lodge has a few very nice April availabilities. April is arguably the most desirable month on Grey Reef and Miracle Mile. Call for dates and package prices.

North Platte River Fly Fishing Report

Yesterday was quiet on Grey Reef despite very nice conditions. Today is touch windy over the Alcova region. We will have guides on the water today and will post their findings as they report.

Grey Reef Fishing Report

Grey Reef fishing was very good yesterday. Report from the guides was consistent and non-stop activity. Just how we like it. Alcova received a couple inches of snow overnight but not enough to cause concern. Wyoming HWY 220 is slick but that should be remedied with a little sun this AM. No fishing report from Miracle Mile or Fremont Canyon yesterday but there is no reason for those to be less than great. Our off season Grey Reef fishing and lodging packages are a great inexpensive getaway…not to mention the fishing in the winter is generally excellent. Quiet and peaceful is the upper North Platte River during the winter months.

Grey Reef Fishing Report

Grey Reef is expecting a little snow over the next 24 hours so will be prime fishing conditions. Dropping pressure generally accompanies calm conditions and excited fish. The North Platte River is open and floating the upper is good to go. This weekend is looking very nice and we do have a cottage still available. Same winter rigs as always and on calm days the midges hatch brings them to the surface. The dry fly fishing is finicky but a great challenge. Miracle Mile fly fishing is productive and the roads are currently in good shape. Fremont Canyon is also fishing well and well worth the quick trip up there.

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Follow us on our journey to compliment Grey Reef’s amazing fishing and scenery with amazing accommodations.

The lodge has always been the benchmark…but for 2013 it will be even better. Now you can bring your family to Grey Reef and experience all it has to offer. We will have exceptionally nice cottages to serve as base camp for all of your adventures. You spend a couple days with the guides from North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop while the rest of the family splashes around in Alcova Reservoir at Sandy Beach. OR explores the dinosaur trail at Cottonwood Beach. Don’t miss a walk along the rim of Fremont Canyon or circumnavigate Independence Rock and read the names of the brave emigrants who traveled the Oregon Trail over 150 years ago. Casper has museums, shopping and outdoor activities. Hike or Bike the Bridle Trail and hang out by Garden Creek Falls. Both Casper Mountain and Muddy Mountain feature lots of single track for mountain biking or hiking. Catch a movie, have a nice meal and grab some groceries in Casper before returning to your private cottage overlooking Grey Reef. Or skip the meal and prepare a gourmet spread in the upscale kitchen.
Grey Reef is so much more than amazing trophy trout fishing…

Happy New Year!

Wishing everybody a happy and fun 2013!

I guess it is time to drop the news that we have been hinting about and if you have been in the area you would have noticed the construction activities.

NPL: The managers residence is being converted to a residence style guest space. It will feature 2 rooms and 2 baths with a separate entry room and a living room. This space will also be available as just 2 additional guest rooms. The lodge is getting a new kitchen addition and a complete remodel of the upper level. Trent and Katherine will be moving a few steps out of the lodge into their own on-site residence.

The Reef Fly Shop: The fly shop will look quite a bit different. Phase one will feature 4 cottages of nearly 600 square feet ea nestled near the cliff with awesome views of Grey Reef and walking access to fish the afterbay section river and just a few steps to meet your guide at The Reef Fly Shop. They will have full baths with tile surround, on demand water heaters, dual flush Toto toilets. Full kitchens with full sized stainless appliances. Each cottage has a large bedroom and living room complete with comfortable sleeping arrangement for up to 4 guests. Lots of natural light and amazing views from inside OR out on the large patios. Each cottage is separate so you won’t be sharing any walls with strangers.

RV sites: The Reef Fly Shop will also have a small 15 space RV park. 5 of the spaces will feature full hookups while the remaining 10 spaces will all have 50 amp power services and access to a water station and dump station. An oversized bathhouse with showers, heads and lavs will be added to the back of the shop. The old barn will see a facelift and be available as an informal meeting space.

We are very excited to see some of our plans finally coming to fruition. Many of our new rooms are already spoken for so it seems we are heading in the right direction. Our biggest priority is to keep the small, intimate feel of our operation while allowing guests to Alcova to enjoy clean and classy accommodations.

Fishing Report: That is why you are here isn’t it?! Fishing remains very good on Grey Reef. Icy and slushy below Lusby but stick to the upper couple miles and you will be in good shape. Midges, scuds, worms and leeches are top choices. The water is chilly so a good dead drift and setting on any movement of the indicator is key. Fremont is cold with sluggish fish. Mile is fishing well and worms and leeches are picking them up consistently. I would fish a size 20 PAL below a leech.