Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

The Grey Reef crew worked them yesterday. North Platte River was warm and bluebird with a little wind but the fishing was very good. No new news on the bugs of choice EXCEPT you should check out a few of our patterns newly released for sale in the shop. The Mayhem Midge comes to mind. These new patterns combine elements of simplicity, durability and the things that we love about FLY  FISHING. So much fun to learn about the nature and behavior of trout and go outside the box. Fish pushing into unusual areas and continually suspending very high in the water column to take advantage of the hatch. We like flies that will preform from the bottom to the film and everything in between.

It appears the Wyoming Fishing Regulations may have been amended to make enforcement of pinned bead/snagging rigs much easier. We will see how this plays out?

North Platte Lodge has a few very nice April availabilities. April is arguably the most desirable month on Grey Reef and Miracle Mile. Call for dates and package prices.

North Platte River Fly Fishing Report

Yesterday was quiet on Grey Reef despite very nice conditions. Today is touch windy over the Alcova region. We will have guides on the water today and will post their findings as they report.

Grey Reef Fishing Report

Grey Reef fishing was very good yesterday. Report from the guides was consistent and non-stop activity. Just how we like it. Alcova received a couple inches of snow overnight but not enough to cause concern. Wyoming HWY 220 is slick but that should be remedied with a little sun this AM. No fishing report from Miracle Mile or Fremont Canyon yesterday but there is no reason for those to be less than great. Our off season Grey Reef fishing and lodging packages are a great inexpensive getaway…not to mention the fishing in the winter is generally excellent. Quiet and peaceful is the upper North Platte River during the winter months.

Happy New Year!

Wishing everybody a happy and fun 2013!

I guess it is time to drop the news that we have been hinting about and if you have been in the area you would have noticed the construction activities.

NPL: The managers residence is being converted to a residence style guest space. It will feature 2 rooms and 2 baths with a separate entry room and a living room. This space will also be available as just 2 additional guest rooms. The lodge is getting a new kitchen addition and a complete remodel of the upper level. Trent and Katherine will be moving a few steps out of the lodge into their own on-site residence.

The Reef Fly Shop: The fly shop will look quite a bit different. Phase one will feature 4 cottages of nearly 600 square feet ea nestled near the cliff with awesome views of Grey Reef and walking access to fish the afterbay section river and just a few steps to meet your guide at The Reef Fly Shop. They will have full baths with tile surround, on demand water heaters, dual flush Toto toilets. Full kitchens with full sized stainless appliances. Each cottage has a large bedroom and living room complete with comfortable sleeping arrangement for up to 4 guests. Lots of natural light and amazing views from inside OR out on the large patios. Each cottage is separate so you won’t be sharing any walls with strangers.

RV sites: The Reef Fly Shop will also have a small 15 space RV park. 5 of the spaces will feature full hookups while the remaining 10 spaces will all have 50 amp power services and access to a water station and dump station. An oversized bathhouse with showers, heads and lavs will be added to the back of the shop. The old barn will see a facelift and be available as an informal meeting space.

We are very excited to see some of our plans finally coming to fruition. Many of our new rooms are already spoken for so it seems we are heading in the right direction. Our biggest priority is to keep the small, intimate feel of our operation while allowing guests to Alcova to enjoy clean and classy accommodations.

Fishing Report: That is why you are here isn’t it?! Fishing remains very good on Grey Reef. Icy and slushy below Lusby but stick to the upper couple miles and you will be in good shape. Midges, scuds, worms and leeches are top choices. The water is chilly so a good dead drift and setting on any movement of the indicator is key. Fremont is cold with sluggish fish. Mile is fishing well and worms and leeches are picking them up consistently. I would fish a size 20 PAL below a leech.


What an amazing day! Warm, calm with outdoor opportunities all around us. Another stellar day on the ditch. Dry fly was apparently hard to resist. Looks like conditions will be like this for several more days. Some of the crew are going to try to get a quick fishing trip of our own before things turn more winter-like next weekend.

After several boring hours in front of the computer this AM I strapped the bike on the car and ran up Casper Mountain to ride some single track and shake out the cobwebs. Who do I meet on the trail but my dentist. This guy is an endurance maniac. Bikes, running and skiing are his thing. He looks at me and says “hey! your doing Movember too”. I quickly remember Movember and realize he is noticing my pathetic attempt at a ‘stache…he has one too. This is pretty funny and the wives and not smiling. Are you participating? What does your wife think about it?

We have several beardsmen on the crew including Trent, JJ and Adam. Adam changes his up with his moods. Might be a mustache or beard in different configurations. Trent and JJ do the trad even trimmed lumberjack scarf.

We have some big plans in the works for 2013. They will appeal to almost all Grey Reef visitors…stay tuned. The 2013 schedule is already very tight with April seeing a big surge. This season had an amazing April with typical great fishing but amazing weather to match. The last couple Aprils haven’t been so kind. We are expecting another mild spring (if weather patterns have any consistency with uniformitarianism?). 2013 will be a low water spring, unlike the last couple springs, as the reservoirs have plenty of room for a good runoff. We bet Grey Reef anglers will be active by mid February and we will be ready.

Pic: Tatum shot of a release last week

Wyoming Fly Fishing

Yesterday was much warmer and breezy. Fished well per usual….yawn. We had just a couple boats out as things are finally slowing for the season. We have trips scheduled in to the second week of November so far. Our discounted trips will start in mid November. Save a $100 by shortening the day a touch(due to cold and availability of light) and bring your own lunches. Still get Grey Reef’s most experienced and largest full time guide staff. Also be privileged to an unreal quantity of exclusive private access. Features only available from the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop.

Time of year to start watching the NPL weather station. Click the link on the right and get history as well as current conditions right at Grey Reef…everybody’s doin’ it.

Almost nobody on the river and the wade fishing is super productive. This time of year yields some big browns. I field quite a few call asking about the browns “running”. This term implies a migration for spawning. Browns make up a very small percentage of the population of Grey Reef and half of the population of the Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon. Please do not target fish on the redds or actively spawning.  These fish are available, however, actively terrorizing bait of several sorts in the runs. Scour the runs and pay your dues, then a trophy brown pic will be legit.

The next few days look very nice! Low 60s and light wind. Perfect for a streamer assault (via the boat) to target a monster trout. Our go-to rig has been a Goldie Locks and trailed by a black peacock bugger or Crawdizzle. We have been preferring a 12’ish tip to get them down in the deeper runs but a floating line and longer leader will be great in the skinnier water.

Pic: Stoney Petit with another nice Grey Reef specimen last week

Wyoming Fly Fishing

We had several inches of snow on Wednesday and yesterday was calm and cold. We had 3 boats on the water. Another round of snow last night to whiten things up a bit.

Fishing is really good. Browns of large size have been eating streamers regularly. Goldie Locks and black peacock bugger trailer have been getting lots of attention.

Nymphing is fantastic as usual and the baetis are moving around nicely. Still some good dry activity and the boys were hooking a few rising to midges the other day.

Both Miracle Mile and Fremont are also fishing really well. Looks like the weekend will be a touch breezy and we will be back up to 60* by Tuesday!

Pic: Stoney Petit with one of 2 big browns he landed on streamers

Wyoming Fly Fishing

Pretty impressive fishing… We had 4 trips at the Mile and 3 on the Reef today. Yesterday Adam and the Raiford crew got into a pile of fresh baetis and a bunch of fish eating them on the surface. They spent the afternoon picking off risers. The first real baetis hatch of fall. The day before that we had some spectacular streamer fishing down near Casper and nymphing has been pretty silly everywhere. Just got off the phone with NPL/TRFS guide Rick Aune and he said the Miracle Mile fished very well today.He also mentioned the afterbay got a burp of red from the drainage behind Alcova School. There were some good thunder bumpers and downpours starting around 1pm today.

The dry fly fishing is notable right now!

pic: a double from our streamer outing the other day


Grey Reef Flows

Grey Reef was dropped to 2500cfs yesterday AM. The water is CLEAR for Grey Reef! Well over 5′ is visibility.

We had 7 trips out yesterday with only 2 at Grey Reef. We started with streamers and hooked a few fish and had some follows. Once we switched to a nymph rig it was on fire. Foam Post RS2 had most of the attention on 4x fluorocarbon. 6-7′ of leader and a couple B shot. Early afternoon the wind picked up and flipped out of the north. Progress was hampered but the fish kept eating. Not quite like they did in the first half of the day however.Saw 2 other boats on the upper. That was very fleeting as they were off of the river early. Love this time of year.

Lots of big fish on trico spinners yesterday. If you like challenging dry fly fishing for big fish get here!

I didn’t get word on Miracle Mile but suspect it fished well. Flows are still in the 1100cfs range.

Today is moist and cooler but the next week looks great with temps near 80 and low to no wind.

We still have 2 rooms available Oct 17-19 but the Oct 24-27 dates are on reserve…

pic: Pete Krohn on one of his 7 days at the lodge last week. He has been visiting NPL for 12 years and fishing with Seth for the duration.

Wyoming Fly Fishing

Been a great August barring some floating vegetation. Grey Reef and Miracle Mile are fishing very well. Fremont is fishing and will be back to its old self soon.

Morning Trico hatches have made great nymphing and good dry fly opportunities. Late day caddis are still doing their thing but not moving much until evening. This is prompting the use of some dirty tactics for afternoon action. Worms, leeches, crawdads and scud on a 7′ rig is working very well. Earlier we are much shorter and lighter.

I said goodbye to Carp Jon yesterday. I have had that boat for 8 years and it was set up for lots of different fishing. Randy bought it and will be exercising in on the carp flats in Montana and in the Clearwater River, ID for steelhead. Hope he cross trains for some walleye as well!

September is getting pretty busy so call if you are interested in hunting or fishing dates.

Sept 15 -30 is 2012 Sage Grouse season. We have thousands of acres of exclusive private hunting ground that is super productive for sage grouse and the regions best guides. This makes a great cast and blast!

pic: Adam casting to evening risers from the back of the jet boat