Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

The past few days have been amazing. Tremendous success on the nymph rigs…almost unfair. We have had some great dry fly opportunities, yesterday one of our biggest fish came from casting a bunny dun to rising fish…a 19.5″ rainbow. The streamer fishing was excellent during the past couple days of overcast and low pressure…a Goldie followed by a skinny leech sacked them up.

Our primary mode has been light nymph rigs as the fish are super suspended on baetis and midges. We never fished a fly larger than a size 18 yesterday. Our rig from start to finish was a red lazy and a big bear baetis dropper on a 4.5- 5.5″ leader and 5x Fluoro with a #4 shot. This rig worked in the many wade fishing spots that we took advantage of on our private access, in fast rips and slow tailouts and everything in between. 95% of our fish ate the baetis pattern. The river has changed quite a bit and it has made the wade fishing something else. I am almost giddy after many years of guiding here it feels so fresh and exciting.

Photo: This is view looking down into the Outhouse Hole that Trent took yesterday. This is a really cool shot. It can be viewed much larger on the North Platte Lodge facebook page…Like us!