You are looking at the most up-to-date fishing conditions at Grey Reef, without question. The Reef Fly Shop’s weather station is steps away from the river. Streamflows come directly from the Bureau of Reclamation and automatically update as new information is added. We’re posting photos from our Instagram account regularly, too. Keep an eye here for current stream conditions on the North Platte from The Reef Fly Shop.

Looking Good

Posted on September 21st, 2023

Well, after a strange bump in flows, Grey Reef has settled and flows are at 500cfs. According to our sources the Bureau of Rec needed a little more water down the pipe. This bump had Grey Reef at 1,500cfs for about 36 hrs. Obviously that REALLY stirred things up but the river should be in excellent shape as things settle down the next couple days. In the end, that little bump may just pay us in spades for the rest of the fall.

GREY REEF: 500cfs Water conditions on the upper are good and the lower should only get better over the next couple of days. Dry fly fishing should really heat back up, with tricos in the morning and pseudos in the afternoon.

FREMONT CANYON: 80cfs Water conditions are good. Tricos in the morning then nymphing or hopper/dropper in the afternoon.

MIRACLE MILE: 1,000cfs Flows have been bouncing up and down but as of right now it’s holding steady. Nymphing is the name of the game with leeches, worms, foam-wing RS2s and various caddis patterns.