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Welcome to June

Posted on June 6th, 2023


Sloanes General Store is no longer selling licenses and we will not be able to keep up with the demand so PLEASE get your licenses before you get here. Thank you!

Well, it’s been a pretty nice start to June. Cool, wet weather has made it pretty pleasant and Central Wyoming looks nothing short of spectacular. Green and wildflowers, the prairie is alive! Granted the wet weather pattern we seem to be in has messed with the lower river clarity, it sure is nice to see the reservoirs on the rise. As if the fishing hasn’t been good enough, we are really excited to see what the summer brings.

GREY REEF: 1,200cfs Grey Reef dropped down to 1,200cfs early this morning. A somewhat unexpected drop, we are nice and clear up top. We have fishable water from Grey Reef Dam to just upstream of Government Bridge. Our team expects conditions to improve if we can dodge the big thunderstorms. Grey Reef has been buggy! Baetis and midges, not gonna lie, it has been a whole lot of fun.

MIRACLE MILE: 2,775cfs Flows on the Miracle Mile continue to hold steady, we haven’t seen a move on flows in well over a month. Fishing has been good, not great but good. Road conditions have been impacted by the weather, so watch the radar.

FREMONT CANYON: 72cfs Low and clear. A little crowded as you would expect but fishing pretty well from what we are hearing from our customers.

What to fish? Leeches, worms(San Juan), reef worms, baetis and midge patterns. But we’re not too far out from PMD movement on Grey Reef and golden stones on the Miracle Mile, so…