Big winds again last night but starting out pretty good this AM. Fishing is typical ho-hum good. Very little pressure and there have been some very aggressive eats the past couple days.

Streamers getting throttled during the big midge hatches. And a foam post RS2 is as effective as ever during these hatches. Fish tucked up into the ledges and eating suspended emergers during the peak of the hatch. Then they will drift back to the tailouts and soft edges to casually snack throughout the day.

We are so lucky to be where we are. The only inhabitants of one of the best tail water fisheries. Grey Reef is our playground. Fremont and the Mile require a huge investment in time…15 minutes to Fremont and 35 to the Mile. We are spoiled!

The BuRec will be pushing water over the spillway at Alcova starting Tuesday. Flows will remain at 500cfs. The diversion is so they can perform maintenance on the hydro unit. This will open up some good angling opportunities.