All the pieces are in place except….

the water conditions at Grey Reef.

*UPDATE* This is the report from The Reef Fly Shop Report page.

North Platte River Conditions

March 8th, 2012 admin Comments Off

03/08/2012 2:00pm

GREY REEF-slightly cloudy but clearing.

Just went down to Grey Reef Dam to talk to Brad, who is the king of Grey Reef wadefishing.  He was hooked up when I got there and hooked up as I was leaving.  According to him the fishing at the Dam is insane right now!  Pine squirrel leech, hot-head leech, san juan(purple) and an amber scud.  As far as the water conditions are concerned…anything downstream of Lusby is out of the question, MUDDY.  We are starting to see some minor runoff but it’s hard to say what’s going to happen.  It’s more than likely going to get worse by the end of the day but the effect on the river is yet to be seen.  We still have plenty of low elevation snow but the worst could be over for now.  We will post another updated river conditions report this evening…stay tuned.

The weather is going to be spectacular this weekend, the fishing has and will continue to be spectacular. We just need Grey Reef Reservoir to clean herself up in time. I am optimistic.

Nymphing continues to be strong with scuds, midges, worms and leeches at Fremont Canyon, Miracle Mile and Grey Reef. Nice dry fly activity yesterday at Fremont. Swinging streamers at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile has been good although not nearly as productive nymphing.