Blanket Hatches of Baetis

Grey Reef fished well yesterday although it wasn’t silly. At around 6AM the BuRec began dropping flows for 2400cfs and it finished at 1500cfs. Needless to say the fish were transitioning back into the appropriate depths. Unbelievable baetis hatch forced their interest and there were a pile of happy anglers. The lower section below Government Bridge is clearing and is fishable but not with the clarity of the upper. 4′ rig with 4x and 5x fluoro and light weight was the best option. Lazy Midge, PAL, Foam Wing RS2 all caught fish and as the day progressed the natural looking patterns out preformed flash.

Disappointing that the BuRec is managing the flows only for water supply it seems. 2400cfs was frankly too much to be releasing based on our snowpack supply  if the fishery had any impact on their choice. This tactic is reminiscent of our poor recruitment of the late 90s and early 2000s  when high flows too early in the season(spawning) had our trout build redds only to have them left high/dry and dead when the flows were cut in May. All that said we still have an amazing fishery and half the trout population would not hurt my feelings.