That is what the weather forecasters say, but no question it is windy. The kind of wind that moves heavy objects around. That is very typical with a high pressure, warm temp combo in the cool months. Tomorrow, however, is supposed to be very nice with highs in the mid 50s and 5mph wind! Sunday is looking a little breezy and Veterans Day on Monday super nice again. Take advantage of these conditions and book a trip, we also have a couple cottages available on Sunday eve and plenty of RV sites.

Fishing is still very good with nymphing the top producer and streamers getting plenty of licks. Goldie and Crawdak doing well on the retrieve and midge patterns, scuds, leechs including the Ice Minnow, worms and evenĀ  baetis emergers and caddis stuff.

Today you will want to find protected knooks and hide out there to save the wind frustration.

The Reef Fly Shop will be open all day and you can hide out there if need be.