Call Before the Storm…errrr Calm

Wyoming Fly Fishing is rocking in the middle portion of the state. Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon are all ripe. Grey Reef is clear and fishing very well on the upper reaches nearest Alcova, The Reef Fly Shop and North Platte Lodge. It has been warm so drainages are coloring up the North Platte River around Lusby. Rig up a streamer and slow retrieve or a mid-weight nymph rig with midge, leech and scuds…The Rusty Scud. Fremont is good top to bottom and little bugs (like a Brassie or PAL) on light nymph rigs are the go-to. Miracle Mile isn’t red hot but the trout are slabs and they are happy with a stripped streamer. Today is warmish, overcast and calm…we are expecting winter weather very soon. We are expecting that Miracle Mile fishing will be out of contention while the roads recover…will report on that as we learn the conditions. Grey Reef will plow right through it and fishing will remain awesome.