Central Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

Grey Reef Fly Fishing is very good and river conditions couldn’t be better. Clear water and 1500cfs with water temps in the mid 40s. Fishing is consistent in the AM, very robust throughout the middle portion of the day with the emergence of our besties the baetis and the late afternoon has been a slowdown after they have demolished all of the blue winged olives (baetis). Streamer activity not great but all it takes is one or two fish to make an uneventful session into a great memory. As was the case with Trent and Beau a couple eves ago.

Fremont Canyon has some excellent baetis dry fly and emerger rig opportunities. Go armed with light tippet and bugs that look like naturals or aren’t too gaudy. Get rid of your bright indicator and ease in with a small chunk of white or black yarn OR go old school swinging a Reef’s Pulsating Emerger! Most Grey Reef pro anglers will tell you 2x and a pegged bead is the only way but you will discover a whole lot more to these fisheries once you sit back and watch a bit. Discovery is the essence of fly fishing!

Miracle Mile is fishing fair and there are good midge and beginning baetis on that stretch as well. Scour the inside 3′ depth before trudging out to the slot…they are in there.

Remember to kindly ignore fishing to active spawners!

Pic: Trent handling his new best friend