Central Wyoming Fly Fishing

Flows at Miracle Mile and Grey Reef are 1500cfs and chilly temps…Grey Reef saw a max of 53* yesterday! Tricos in the AM and a few surface eaters although the hatch was late. PMDs and Sallies never materialized yesterday but the bug fishing was great in the AM. We switched to leeches and soft hackles in the afternoon and the leech was the top producer. Fished 5′ and a mid weight rig. Miracle Mile trips did good yesterday but it has slowed from last week’s stone fly event. Good PMD hatchj at the Mile yesterday. Seeing lots of hoppers on the banks…hope they will double in size in two weeks and get blown into the river. If this happens perma-grin will establish. With the current beefy size of Grey Reef’s animals the hopper thing could be pretty fun…to put it mildly.

We have a full crew out again today and they are all over the region. Some ventured below Government Bridge to day so I suspect that report will be positive since the water is clearing nicely at Sechrist.

One of the Hyatt group landed a 24″ & thick brown a couple days ago. Browns have been pretty frequent and some exceptional fish have been on the prowl. Here is W. Bradish with guide Eric Anderson enjoying wade fishing our private access.