Challenging Day that Private Access Ruled

*UPDATE* 12:30pm  Eagle Creek is making a mess of Grey Reef Reservoir and the North Platte River. Seth reported fishing is great in the small window of clear water this AM however.  He and his guest Bill are ahead of the surge. Bolton and Bear Creek are both pumping quite a bit of mud in above Government Bridge so the river is blown out below them as well. I can’t imagine Grey Reef will be worth fishing tomorrow but will cross our fingers for the following day.

Yesterday fished well and we had several boats on the water. Unfortunately it became very windy by late morning. At one point I checked the NPL Weather Station and there was a gust of 45mph. The boys said all went well and due to our private access were able to make a very good day. The ability to anchor and beach is imperative on days like that. Landing a fish, without anchoring or beaching, means you release your oars and the wind can make you accelerate dangerously. Also hopping out of the boat and enjoying wading in productive and protected areas is a pleasure you won’t enjoy with others. Access opens up many opportunities that are not available to most outfitters. It can make the difference between a productive day on the water or a miserable & dangerous experience. Careful though, some will claim private access without it.

5 1/2 feet of leader with an orange beaded mohair leech, tan or amber scud, PAL, mini Impaler with a b shot or 2 kept them in the fish. Water conditions are still a little off due to our warm and windy weather disintegrating the low elevation snow. This week will do wonders to eliminate a bunch of that and clear the way for better conditions in April. Don’t expect a flush this year and expect to enjoy low water conditions in April IF the snow pack doesn’t dramatically increase. 700 cfs looks to be current average estimate for next month. What does that mean? Great wade fishing! Sight nymphing with baetis emergers! Dry fly potential increases significantly! But also a little more congested conditions. This could prove to be an exciting spring.