Chart Topping Central Wyoming Fly Fishing

2017 is shaping up to be an interesting fishing conundrum in most of the West. The Big Horn River is huge, freestones in the surrounding states are blown out and the moisture keeps coming. We had the same weather event late last week and over the weekend but Grey Reef came out on top. There was a surge of sediment that entered the North Platte River from normally dry drainages but it didn’t impact the true Grey Reef Section. Water below Government Bridge did get brown but our moderate flows of 2000cfs are just enough to clean things quickly. Roads to Miracle Mile were pretty muddy but the fishing remained strong. Fremont athas been a slam dunk at 80cfs. Grey Reef and Fremont have been great with lighter nymph rigs and foam wing RS2, PAL, All Das May etc. You get the picture, it is buggy out there. The Baetis and midges are strong. Miracle Mile  art 1500cfs has been more of a dirt snake operation with worms and leaches and a bug dropper. Dry fly has been an isolated yet productive means at touching some of our eager trout.

Lots of folks are calling as a fall back to their trip that is being canceled due to high water or muddy conditions. We welcome the challenge and living up to your expectations. I’ve heard more than once that folks should have just booked a trip to Grey Reef in the first place. Now they know what to expect and we hope that they consider Central Wyoming to top their fly fishing hit list next time.

We have some great fishing options over the coming months, so get your group together and lets talk dates. The whole crew at Trophy Trout Outfitters has been jamming and this is when we really hit our stride. The remainder of the summer is when we bring on more help rather than shuck it. There is ground to be broken and fish to be tricked. We always have our eyes peeled for and up-and-comer so if you want a career in the outdoor industry…bring in your resume.