Chilly Wyoming Fishing Conditions

Central Wyoming has been very nice over the past few days. The eves are dipping to near or even below zero and yesterday climbed into the mid 30s with little wind. Fishing is solid with standard winter nymph rigs. Miracle Mile access is still a bear but expect great fishing there as well. The Reef Fly Shop, Casper, Alcova and Grey Reef’s only fly shop on the river or anywhere near prime water, will be open for our winter hours Wed-Sunday 8-12 (or 2 if there are Grey Reef anglers about).

CHEAP TRIPS and what you should know: we won’t be at the Denver shows but we still offer the best value in a trip, in season or not. Watch for some April promos but these are very limited. Our CHEAP TRIP is $375 for a real full day -lunch. $500 for 2 anglers with a one night cottage stay and a full day trip or $600 for 2 nights one day fishing. This is the time of year when you want to get out of the boat and wade fish and that is a feature that no other service can provide like we can. Now through March 15th so get yours quick.