Cottages Are For Everybody

Rumor going around that the Cottages at The Reef Fly Shop are ONLY for our fishing guests. Is this what you have been told? If so, you are intentionally being mislead. Other outfitter’s fear is that if you stay with us you will fish with us. We understand that and of course we feel we are the best equipped to offer the best experience. However, we understand that much of this business is relationship based and that you look forward to seeing and fishing your guide regardless of the operation. We are sure you will want to stay with us and you want to maintain your guide with another outfitter…no problem! The Reef Fly Shop Cottages and RV are for everybody, regardless of which outfitter you are fishing with. Regardless if you are fishing on your own or even fishing at all. We built this operation to showcase the entire Alcova area and to provide affordable luxury accommodations as a home base. So, come and stay in style and enjoy a unique experience only found right here on Grey Reef Rd. Booking for 2014!