Dodging Storms but Grey Reef is in Great Shape!

Well it appears that we are going to stay in our wet weather pattern in Central Wyoming.  Daily storms continue to roll through our area but fortunate for us we have not taken a direct hit.  That being said water conditions on upper Grey Reef(Dam-Government Bridge) remain excellent-clear, 500cfs and water temperatures in the mid 50s.  We have even started sending a few boats down to Sechrist.  The mini nymph rig has been king for the last month!  3-5ft, 1-2 small split shot(#4-B) and small midge emergers, pmd nymphs and various other little bugs-that’s our daily setup.  Some of our guides/guests have been doing well on big dry/dropper rigs.  Without question the most productive water has been the riffles…the fish are stacked up!!!!


Starting Monday Alcova Dam Bridge will be closed due to structural damage.  This means all access to the Miracle Mile and Alcova Reservoir will be re-routed through Pathfinder Hill rd. and Fremont Canyon.