Don’t Miss the 2017 Season

Things are shaping up nicely and we are 100% confident that Grey Reef will be a force this year. We are very excited that the flows are 1000cfs currently and hoping to have it incrementally increase during the spawn. These situations are excellent for recruitment of this year’s class but also create highly productive fishing conditions. A robust snowpack also he’s a tremendous impact as we sail through the warm months and into Grey Reef’s dry fly season later in the year. Last year, 2016, mid to late June was wildly productive for big fish…these are fish that are 25″ or greater. There was an almost 2 week period of one of these trout hitting the net per day. The July experience was golden stones and few anglers for the best weather of the year. Toss in the evening caddis dry fly bonanza and some PMDs and yellow sallies on the surface and Grey Reef proved its place among the best. Tricos graced us in mid July and that began the rod cluster season. We had many rods rigged for dry fly, nymph rigs and streamer action. Much of September and especially October was dry fly from start to finish with tricos, caddis, psuedos, baetis and midges.  This program took us into mid November when we focused on the big fish with streamer rigs. High volume/high quality experiences are what the North Platte Lodge has been known for for nearly 2 decades. However, Grey Reef is continuing to get better and we are trying to keep up with the curve. It is tough but we are happy with the challenge! Expect some cool new things at Grey Reef for 2017. The lodge has a big new deck in progress and we are now going to provide our guests with spirits and wine to accompany our spectacular meals and even better scenery. The fly shop might be reinvented as well? I wouldn’t be surprised if the shop building has an addition and we also might rearrange the grounds to make your visit even more enjoyable.