We have been fielding a lot of calls regarding the Miracle Mile road and the Grey Reef flush

MIRACLE MILE ROAD: As of today, we have been told the road to the Mile is open. UPDATE…the roads up and down the Mile as well as most of the access roads are mostly open from our sources. As always if we hear something different, we will let you know!

GREY REEF FLUSH: The Grey Reef flush is scheduled to start at 12:01am this coming Monday, March 20th. Flows will increase to 2,500cfs overnight and will resume to normal(500cfs) by 10:00am. The flows the first night will be lower than normal because of lingering river ice. After night one, the rest of the flush will peak at 4,000cfs and as always will be back to normal by 10:00am. The flush is set to run for 10 days total.




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