Fish Casper, Central Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

Looky what NPL angler Jay Elms and guide Seth Kapust handled yesterday…should have been you!

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing – Grey Reef is cut and dry, fishing is great river conditions are great and currently flows are 3000 cubic feet per second, weather is great. With increased flows the availability of worms increases exponentially. These fish will puke up piles of worms when you land them on a San Juan Worm. They are gluttons and leech and worm patterns are a pretty solid option. BUT, baetis is the hatch…along with midges. Dragging worms and eggs around catches fish, but BWO and midge emergers can be equally productive and these locations are very available to wading anglers. Our trout will get into some very precarious spots in order to take advantage of the baetis hatches. Keep your eyes peeled!

Miracle Mile fly fishing has been iffy, as in, not that great. Of course fishing is a day to day things and this report could be out of relevance by this afternoon. Worms, beady leeches and wd40. Tailouts are happy places. Flows at miracle Mile are 3150cfs and we hope that increases quite a bit in the coming weeks. Big is beautiful on the Miracle Mile.

Fremont Canyon aka Cardwell Access is fishing well. Even now that the flows have been bumped to several hundred cfs. It isn’t the cute little Disneyland fishery right now but rather a little river and WAY more interesting. Same bugs as Grey Reef apply here and a notch smaller tippets is a good idea.

Reef to Mile Gravel Grinder Bike Race is this Saturday at 8am, beginning at The Reef fly Shop. This is a 60 mile ride with a 40 mile option. Grilled meats afterward. Bring your bike and ride before fishing, the weather looks amazing.