Fishing after 2PM and Return Trip Benefits

Caddis, Hoppers, PMDs Wyoming Fly Fishing. We are thoroughly enjoying the warm days of summer and although it might get a bit warm on the river in the mid to late afternoon that is really high time for hopper eating trout production. We love the fact that everybody else is taking out at 2PM. Grey Reef water temps are not dangerous to trout but a well presented hopper after 2PM certainly is. There is no need to sacrifice two hours of the best fishing of the day. The Reef Fly Shop and North Platte Lodge schedule is roughly 7AM – 4PM. Tricos, PMDS, Hopper and Caddis are getting their attention.

We can’t thank our guests enough for their patronage in 2020. We’ve had an high rate of folks returning for 2nd, 3rd and even 4th trips this season. As a result, we are showing our appreciation by discounting your next 2020 trip.

Fremont is giving up some fun dry fly fishing but it is still at bigger flows than the norm. Miracle Mile nymphing is rock solid and Grey Reef is giving us streamer, nymphing and dry fly thrills.

Have a group but don’t want a full lodge package? Give us a shout to discuss the NPL B&B option. You rent the full lodge (6 rooms). It isn’t packaged with guided fishing but you can add that, it isn’t packaged with dinner service but you can add that, too. The best location to access Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon, Alcova and Pathfinder Reservoir, Independence Rock and Martin’s Cove with seclusion and wide open space.

Bufftrout Hats are getting snatched up but we have an order of small sizes arriving in the next couple days and another huge order of all styles to follow soon. Call the shop 307.232.9128 and we’ll be happy to ship. Howler Bros and lots of Simms sun hoodies are also available.

Seth and Guest with a post 2PM hopper eater