Wyoming Fishing Report, Off Season Options and 2021

Central Wyoming fly fishing hasn’t skipped a beat but has scared some folks away with the windy conditions of late. The remainder of the week is warm and breezy, however slightly cooler temps and very little wind beginning Friday. Miracle Mile is fishing well. The water is clear and was nudged to 640 cfs this AM. Fishing is solid with standard Mile nymph rigs of worms, leaches and midges. Streamer enthusiasts as well as swingers are getting thumped with a variety of critters from Platte River Spiders to Goldies, Rusty Trombones, Near ‘Nuff Sculpins and Dungeons. We know it is tempting but please leave the Redds alone, folks. Fremont Canyon is level with the other tailwaters so not the cute little Disneyland fishery, but still fishing well. Scuds, midges, leaches and the aforementioned streamer selections. Always be ready for dry fly opportunities at anytime of the year. Matt’s Midge, traditional Adams, Renegade, and G-Gnat all good picks. Grey Reef has been the local star, clear and 600cfs,  with little traffic and great production. Short and light nymph rigs of scuds and midges on the edges and tail-outs  unless in the thick of a daily hatch…then target the heavier riffles and drops. Streamer activity has been very good keeping your imitation low and level across the run or swung/twitched with the current. Big Horn has been fishing well and a bit less exposed to the wind.

Cast and Blast and Waterfowl Hunts have been surprisingly good! The basics needs of the birds are improving in Central Wyoming…pssst, food. With our access the hunting and fishing is pretty impressive. We also do upland hunts and cast and blast utilizing our good neighbor’s Riverbend Roosters preserve. Prefer wild birds? We can do that, too!

We’ve entered our off season rate part of the year so cottage and day trips rates are reduced a bunch. Weather may or may not be as good as regular season but the fishing doesn’t suffer. Trout still do all the same trout stuff after the anglers have packed it in for the season.

Thanks so much for checking in with us re: 2021! 2020 was an interesting round and we suspect 2021 will carry some of the odd issues but we will continue to roll along. We made adjustments in procedure but the nature of our operation almost excluded us from altering the basis of our program. Distance, seclusion, fresh air and cleanliness is built in…we’ve always done it and always will. It is what we do. Get back on track for the best trip of the year!

Picture: A recent trip up Fremont Canyon to test the streamer fishing in recently exposed and  short lived runs due to Alcova Reservoir being lower than it has in many decades.