Fly Fishing Casper Wyoming

Fishing conditions in Casper, Wyoming and upstream to Grey Reef, Fremont Canyon and Miracle Mile are not favorable to the angler. The fish are having a great time but air temps this morning are still -10*. However, our temp at Grey Reef is forecast to be 32* today…big turnaround huh? With this will come stout Wyoming wind but this isn’t bad for the angler. The warm winds will fast track a thaw and Grey reef and Miracle Mile will be prime for the fishing once again. Standard winter nymph rigs of scuds, leeches, worms and midge patterns will keep your arm uncomfortable. Streamers, while not going to attract as many fish, will attract high quality trout. The Reef Fly Shop is open and has the Galloup’s patterns as well as our custom flies, like the young classic the Goldie, will give your reel a little exercise.

Have you checked out Casper, Wyoming lately? There are some exciting things happening with cool events and projects on the horizon. The Platte River Revival along with the City of Casper and Wyoming Business Council have funded a large scale effort to restore North Platte River fish habitat within the Casper, Wyoming city limits. This means creating runs and riffles that trout need. Casper has also stepped up to the plate with better dining options and a coming convention center and upscale hotel on the banks of the North Platte River and in downtown Casper. There is a slowly changing trend and the days of “let her deteriorate” are passing us by, thankfully! Excellent fishing, a whitewater park and greenbelt along the river already exist but are improving all the time.

Coming attractions to the Casper, Wyoming area.

~Fly Fishing Film Tour: This event has sold out the past couple years and is gathering more steam. Come visit us at the meet and greet prior to the show. Beer vendors and our popular BuffTrout, The Reef Fly Shop, logo gear will be available.

~Casper Mountain Sled Dog races THIS WEEKEND! Such a cool event that raises a pile of money for local charity. These dogs are animals! Ha.

~Casper Chase Nordic Ski Race coming the first weekend of March. If you didn’t know Casper, Wyoming boasts an amazing Nordic facility. Groomed daily, big log lodge, lights for night skiing and too many miles of trails. Also in the works is an Olympic biathlon facility. Rob Rosser, Olympic Biathlete¬† Nagano ’98, is the coach of the US Para Olympic biathlon team and is spearheading the development.

~Fat Bike Races and Demos put on by the guys at Fat Fish Racing. They are responsible for the popular local mountain bike race series. Details coming soon but the first race planned is an Enduro with downhill being the timed event…yes Fat Bike Enduro! There will be an eliminator and an cross country race that will be preceded by snowshoe events. If you can’t catch the fat bike series, make sure to bring your mountain bike and explore local mountain bike trails or summer cross country races between casts. There is also a cyclecross series for slop season enthusiasts.