Getting Here – Roadmap to Grey Reef


Getting there is half the fun. There is a lot of truth in that idiom but recently, the accepted modes of “getting there” have created questions and some real struggles. Luckily, Central Wyoming is about as good as the “getting here” gets. Alcova, Wyoming is 30 miles south of Interstate 25 and 90 miles north of Interstate 80 with a major airport 30 miles from The Reef Fly Shop and North Platte Lodge.

If you plan to drive, ¬†interstate speeds limits are 80mph and no gridlock. ¬†They are the fast-track routes but Wyoming’s secondary highways have some great advantages in our opinion. The scenery is awesome with vast expanses of vacant land and oftentimes equally vacant roadways. Highway speed limits are 70mph and added travel time is a nice tradeoff for little traffic and bigger views. One thing to keep in mind when visiting Wyoming is that fuel stations can sometimes be 100mile between stops.

Many of our lodge guests fly but not always to Casper. The Casper-Natrona Airport is very close to our locations so landing there and shuttling to Alcova is a process that takes about an hour to collect bags, load up and drive to the shop or lodge. Car rentals are available, ride share is available and we also provide a limited transport service for lodge guests. The Casper – Natrona Airport is served by United Airlines via a Denver, Colorado connection and Delta Airlines via a Salt Lake City, Utah connection. There are no direct commercial flights to Casper outside of DIA and SLC. Oftentimes, the connection flight is as much or more than the cheap flight from a major city to Denver. Many of our guest from around the country opt to fly to Denver and rent a car or van at Denver International Airport and drive the 4 +/- hours to get to Grey Reef. Most are still able to make it to the lodge at our 3pm checkin time for an afternoon fishing session or a cocktail on the deck.

North Platte Lodge Shuttle Service is available for lodge groups who fly to Casper. We have a big van and arrange a single arrival or departure that best meets the needs of all arriving or departing guests within our shuttle operating hours. These can be seen at Scroll down to the “details” tab.



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