Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing Report

Grey Reef flows are at winter level of 500cfs

Miracle Mile flows are in the mid-900cfs range. These should come down relatively soon

Grey Reef is fishing very well and some big fish are coming to the net! Streamer activity is good…not yet great, but well worth it. It is fishing and clear from top to bottom. That is 85 miles of super productive trophy water. You will need to spend a week in the area to get a good feel for it all…not including Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon.

Miracle Mile is fishing well although the fish are not concentrated. If you start a drought, move. The big tailouts and nondescript water are where many of the fish are hanging out.

Psuedos, caddis, tricos and midges all on the menu. Worm, leeches, scuds, crane flies and crawdads will also get the job done.

We have some great lodge spots available as well as cottages.