Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing Report

Wyoming Fly Fishing at Grey Reef is pretty darn amazing. The true Grey Reef section from Grey Reef Dam to Government Bridge is fishing silly with short rigs and little bugs. Lazy, Foam Wing, All Day May, PMD crawler, Mercers Epoxy Back, CDC cased PMD Emerger etc. The fish are hurting the anglers…no joke. And the fish are kicking our butts once hooked on many occasions. They are so hot that it is tough to stay ahead of them. Couple that with some very nice fish and that is a recipe for OMG. Flows at Grey Reef are 3000cfs and with the hoppers we are seeing in many locations that couple spell a fun hopper season? Tricos on the surface now and super fun AM dry fly sessions!! Spinner fall is the time…post up and wait.

Miracle Mile fly fishing report is variable as the flows have been tampered with continually over the past week. 1500cfs now but expect a dramatic change before the end of the day. Tricos, PMDs, Sallies, and midges are the rage but they still respond to worms and leaches.

Pic: Russell Gordy with one of too many with Seth 2 days ago.