Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing Report

Wind was the enemy over the weekend!  Friday and Saturday had sustained winds around 30-40mph and gusts to 70mph.  We decided to cancel our day trips and move them to following weekend…wise thing to do.  Sunday shaped up nicely and yesterday was an absolute peach.

Grey Reef continues to nymph very well and we did manage a few fish on dries (midges) in the late morning-early afternoon.  We had two groups head to the Mile yesterday for a walk-wade adventure and it was good.  Nymphing, without question, was the ticket but a good number of nice fish were caught stripping/swinging a goldie and/or a home invader(black).  Other than the goldie the fish definitely seemed to be keyed in on anything black as far streamers go.

Road conditions to the Mile were mostly good with a few slick/drifted/muddy spots along the way.  This could be changing drastically, as we are currently getting pounded with wind and snow this morning.