Grey Reef and Miracle Mile

A couple more days of superb fishing. The Mile is fishing great as is the Reef. Rumor has it that Stu and Rick did a split float yesterday and the result was some big fish as that was their target. One that topped 25″ and one that measured in a t 24″. The smaller being taken on a streamer! Details will be published ASAP.

Our new unweighted Pat’s Rubberlegs was great at the Mile yesterday, although most fish were eating the little bugs.

Things are very quiet on the North Platte River. Low traffic makes a super enjoyable experience. Expect to fish longer days with the NPL/TRFS guides. We are getting off of the river while some of the others have already driven back to Casper and are sitting on the couch. Longer days, tons of private access, and the largest and most experienced full time Grey Reef and Miracle Mile guide staff there is.