Grey Reef Angling 3/12/14

Fly Fishing Grey Reef continues to be very good and that won’t change. The Grey Reef flushing flows will start next week and will stir things up for a bit. Don’t be too concerned about “poor” fishing during the flush as the fish are there and still eating. The first couple days may be ugly in the AM but will also provide opportunities that aren’t available at any other time. Almost all of our negatives can be flipped to positives…including our trademark wind. Central Wyoming fly fishing has so many opportunities and is so consistent we are rarely at a loss. Basically, we have to pinch ourselves so we don’t take these things for granted.

Our Grey Reef Cottages are wildly popular and it is becoming increasingly apparent that we need more lodging. We do have RV/tent sites with a shower house. There is not another location even close to what we offer and that is part of the issue along with offering nicer accommodations that don’t have the low budget feel. The flush will be 10 days long and on the 1st of April the G & F closure will be in effect between the cables for the entire month.