Grey Reef at Winter Level – Rant

The BuRec has dropped the flows from 2400cfs 10 days ago to 500cfs this AM. Irresponsible and embarrassing that a government agency can display so little foresight. Regardless the fishing will remain very good but it will impact our trout in the long run. Last year we had poor recruitment and this year we can write off a year class as the erratic flows have destroyed the spawn. This will develop thoughts of stocking in upper Grey Reef which is also a poor idea. What really needs to happen is water projections and releases need to be managed the way they have for many years before the retirement of our last regional BuRec director. The WY Game and Fish needs to eliminate illegal pegged bead snag rigs and eliminate barbs. Both of these devises and techniques are indicative of an angler whose only mission is “how many”. At what point is enough, enough? And at what point do we consider the damage we do as a result of greed or using techniques that eliminate and need for history or knowledge? Pinch your barbs and fish with flies. Tell the game and fish that the statute that was passed that disallows snagging was done so because we area sport fishing state not a harvest state.

Miracle Mile is still at 1800cfs and Pathfinder is boosting. Conditions at both Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon are excellent with Fremont fishing excellent and the Mile fishing good one day and tough the next.

Private access and wade fishing is superb right now. Sight nymphing during the baetis hatch is as cool as it gets. Before plowing into thigh deep water stand back and watch what is going on. You will be interested to see a shorter leader and less weight will be way more fun!