Grey Reef Back in Force

Our guests and guides had really good days yesterday. One described it as “silly” and Rick said it was “pretty good” with and upward tone. He then followed by saying his guys counted landed fish and it was 53. This means likely no fewer than 75 hookups throughout the day. The water dropped so the in between and faster water will give up depth and fish holding potential. Leaders were stretched out a little yesterday to between 7-8.5′ and a fair amount of weight. Still not dredging the bottom, however. Brown Pine Squirrel Leeches, Purple San Juan Worms, Foam Post Rs2, scuds and soft hackled caddis all saw action and found their way, willingly, into big Grey Reef trout lips.

While we are on that subject. Did you know that the Wyoming Game and Fish regulations are clear that snagging game fish is illegal. The regulations state that a fish must “willingly take the hook into its mouth”. This means pinning beads is illegal and a violation of Wyoming state law. We believe this practice should be actively extinguished.

Grey Reef flows remain at 1250cfs

Miracle Mile flows remain at 1000cfs

for now…have a great day on the water!