Grey Reef, Best All-Season Fishery Anywhere

Wyoming fly fishing is ticking on all cylinders. Grey Reef is 2000cfs and clear. This won’t change with “run-off” because we don’t have run-off. Baetis, BWO, blue wings…whatever you prefer to call them, are popping and this hatch will push into early June. Grey Reef trout like to get high in the column and pound the emergers. Swing into The Reef fly Shop to get set up with highly productive emerger and trad nymph rigs. Who, whoa, whoa don’t forget about the streamer potential….evidence below. Our guests experienced some stellar dry fly in the past week as well. Grey Reef is the place to be right now. But this won’t change, our clear cool water now will translate into cool clear water throughout the season.

JUNE: PMDs, caddis and Yellow Sallies. You want a little more consistent weather, check. Best location, check. Hardest working and most experienced guide staff, check. Most private access, check. Private boat ramps, check. Best cabins in the region, check. Lodge is the ultimate in location, solitude, service and food.

JULY: Warm, better opportunities for dry fly, far less river traffic

AUGUST: Eclipse, dry fly, streamers heating up, more mileage becoming available, warm, low pressure

SEPTEMBER: DRY FLY, college kids back in school, Wingshooting, Big Game

OCTOBER: warm and cool, guides choice for weather and fishing, more dry fly, streamers getting hot, waterfowl opens, Midges and baetis.

NOVEMBER: Trophy Time! Book a trophy trip if you are willing to put in the effort to make your 25″ plus trout a reality

Miracle Mile fly fishing is good with sloppy roads, the road conditions will improve dramatically in the next couple days with warm and breezy conditions. Nymph rigs with leeches and midges for 3000cfs have been the go to. More weight than length seems to be the MO.

Fremont Canyon is rocking. Light tippet, small buoyant bugs and drys…midges and baetis. Please stay clear of the redds.