Grey Reef Delivers

Fishing remains very strong at Grey Reef and we remain very busy…thanks for that! Grey Reef has been giving up lots of good dry fly opportunities on trico spinners in the AM and caddis emergers in the PM. Not very attentive fish with regard to attractors and hoppers however. Streamer fishing has been good and nymphing very good. Hatches are PMDs (a few still) Tricos(lots!) caddis (a plenty) and midges (they get forgotten by anglers this time of year). The Reef’s Pine Squirrels Leeches have been very productive as has the beady leech, scuds are doing it moderately in rusty and tan and san juan worms in purple are knocking their socks off (very technical and require a bit of pride swallowing). CDC cased PMD emergers and soft hackles caddis doing it nicely.

Fremont is pretty brown but still producing. Caddis, crawdads, leeches and worms are getting licks.

Miracle Mile is typical tanic but relatively clear and fishing well. Worm, leeches, halfbacks, big prince nymphs etc. Not a lot of streamer interest or dry fly however.

We have some cottage availability coming up and RV space as well. Our recent additions have been getting very favorable reviews. The updates and improvements at the lodge have been positive and our new future veteran guides are getting a fantastic education from the veterans. All are preforming extremely well.

Here is a note from Steven from California:

Both Bob  and I want to let you know we had a great time at the Lodge. The fishing was terrific with Rick putting us on the fish and teaching us your technique for landing the monsters. I have never caught trout that fought so hard. The lodge was great as was the food. You were superb hosts! I would have enjoyed meeting Erik. Maybe next year. Please reserve the same week for Two next year.

And another from David from Colorado:


I have done a lot of fishing this summer, nothing comes close to the 2 days I spent with you guys. The combination of the accommodations, meals, company, host and hostess, and Dusty…not sure it will ever be topped.

The lodge has a few September options available as well as October options. October may be the best kept secret at Grey Reef. Everybody knows it fishes well in late winter and spring, they are finally realizing summer is spectacular but October and early November are every bit as special. It may be the temperate fall weather conditions and longer shadows creating a more dramatic view? It may be that the fish are in a super foraging mood and will attack a swiftly stripped streamer with vim and vigor? It may be that the fall season is arguably the best time to land a Grey Reef Trophy (25″ or more)? We love seeing our breath in the AM but still wearing sandals because the day will be warm. We love a bundle of rods rigged in anticipation of the fish looking to the surface, feverishly eating emergers and plowing a stripped streamer. We love the waterfowl in migration and colorful yet limited fall foliage. We love to hear the elk bugling in the distance and the late and low afternoon sun as it pounds the left side of your face. Fall is approaching and giving up nothing to the rest of the year.