Grey Reef Fishing Report

Yesterday was a nice change weather wise. It was calm but still chilly when the clouds covered the sun. But when the sun was out it was glorious. Fishing was pretty much glorious all day. Early AM wasn’t super good but solid. From about 9:30 on it was hero fishing. It was on and didn’t quit…all day long. Bill Maloney has been visiting the North Platte Lodge for better than ten years and he said it was likely the 1st or 2nd best day he has ever experienced. He has been in the middle of a lot of spring baetis hatches on Grey Reef and had some amazing fishing over the years. All groups came back with big smiles and shaking their heads.

Today is warmer and will get progressively warmer over the next couple day. We will enjoy mid to upper 60s soon!

The guides setup yesterday was variable but consistent. in the tweener spots we were at 3.5-4 feet of leader, a #4 shot and a red Lazy Midge and a baetis nymph likea JuJu or a PAL or Pulsating Emerger or Big Bear etc on 4x fluoro. Mini Impalers and eggs also saw some service. Deeper troughs were fished at 5-6 feet and a b shot or 2…same bugs. This will be a very reliable rig for the next several weeks.

Lots, an I mean lots, of 18″ rainbows yesterday. We didn’t break the 20″ mark but several of the groups did and one 23.5″ brown was landed. A memorable day for sure.