Grey Reef Fishing Report

Central Wyoming fly fishing conditions are variable at the moment. A week of warm and dry conditions in the Casper and Alcova, Wyoming area have the river ice breaking up and the snow pack loosening. Grey Reef is currently fishing very well below Grey Reef Dam but feeder streams are adding mud above and below. The drainage behind The Reef Fly Shop started to run enough to start to muddy Grey Reef Reservoir late this morning. We doubt this will have catastrophic impact on fishing the upper reach of the lower North Platte River but Ledge Creek is adding quite a bit of mud 3 miles down will cause a problem. Bear Creek is moving and Bates is chugging pretty good. The ice has cleared on almost all of the North Platte River until just above Sechrist Access. This should be gone in the next couple days. A healthy melt won’t be a terrible thing. We had some groups take advantage of the cottages this weekend and they are getting pretty booked for springtime so get your plans solidified and reserve a spot!

Grey Reef Road has begun another transformation. The old brown barn at The Reef Fly Shop is being converted/renovated/rebuilt and will be a cool gathering spot within the next couple weeks. Just another way to chill, in a great location,  when you aren’t on the river. Shop party will be announced as we have a completion date set.

What is Grey Reef lodging, cottages, cabins or RV sites? Are they 8,15, 20 or 30 miles downstream of Grey Reef Dam? Or are they at Grey Reef, just above and below Grey Reef Dam and the only lodging,cabins, cottage, RV sites and fly shop? Ours are the only operation actually at Grey Reef.