Grey Reef Fishing

Grey Reef still fishing excellent and the Mile is picking up the pace in recent days.

Streamers at Grey Reef range from small and basic to big and nasty. Casting to risers has been really fun and productive. Cast a streamer to risers? Yep! But you could also take full advantage of situation and get a few on drys. We like a single big streamer like a Dungeon or Home Invader on a floating line for speed and agility. Or scour the runs with a Goldie/Crawdizzle comboo on a sink tip at the Reef. The Mile can be fun with a tip and a Goldie/Platte River Special combo. Fun with old school flies!

Nymphing still with the same things that will produce for the remained of the winter season. Scuds, leeches, worms, midges, crawdads etc. Lazy Midges, PALs, Crystal Midges, Ice Minnows, PSLs all getting ’em at Grey Reef. San Juan Worms, Beady Leaches, foam Wing RS2s etc doing the job on the Mile.

Fremont is fishing well and all the same rigs apply.

Grey Reef water conditions are getting better gradually improving below Government Bridge. It may take a long (10 days) spring flush to really get us back to normal? But , until then fishing will be great and there will be “new” water to discover as the lower sections clear.

Take advantage of our “off season fishing and lodging special” ! Arrive the afternoon before and check into one of The Reef Fly Shop’s amazing cottages, meet your guide right there the following AM and fish for the entire day. You can either depart that afternoon or stay that eve and depart the following day. The cottages and shop are right at Grey Reef so you are moments from the best fishing and shop. This package includes all of our untouchable features like 17 miles of exclusive private Grey Reef access, unbeatable location, most experienced guides,  nicest lodging in central Wyoming etc etc. You provide your own lunch. 1 Day/1 Night $450 or add the departure night for only $75 more. Luxury accommodations and highest quality guided experience for Motel 8 and stripped down trip prices.

Pic: View from The Reef Cottages overlooking Grey Reef Reservoir and the Afterbay section of the North Platte River. Excellent fishing in both and the Grey Reef section starts less than a half mile down the road.