Grey Reef Flows

Grey Reef flows are up to 700cfs!!! Yes, hope for more. Miracle Mile flows are 1500cfs. Fremont Canyon flows are 78cfs.

Fishing still awesome across the board. No need to poach pros, although the redds are easy pickings. 2 midges early, 2 beatis through the middle of the day and a midge/baetis late will whack ’em all day long. Mini rig 4-5′ and a #4 shot or 2. Light tippet and a semi sneaky indicator is good. Black or white Thinga-ma-bobber a good option or hitch some yarn on the leader in white or black even better.

Watch what is going on. Seagulls will predict the hatch as will the swallows that just arrived. Storms will get heavy midge activity afterward. Fish like a different lie for midges and for baetis. Or strap on an egg and worm and just zig zag across the river from one redd to the next…no need to know anything about the river.