Grey Reef Flows, Miracle Mile Flows

Yesterday AM the BuRec started pushing a bit more water down the system. We are really happy for some more water!

Grey Reef Flows are 2000cfs

Miracle Mile Flows are 2300cfs

Yesterday fished very well even though the increased flow broke algae loose and caused some floating debris issues. Nymphing on the upper was silly with Mercer’s Epoxy Back PMDs, bead head Pheasant Tails, Big Bear etc.

The stuff below the bridge was tough with floating debris including wood, tumble weeds, algae etc. This is completely normal with a bump in flows for this time of year and only takes a day or two to get rid of the trash. Below the bridge still fished very well with streamers including Bergin Buggers in olive, Goldie and a black zonker. Nymphing will be strong today I suspect. A few of our guides still had pretty good success with the big dry flies as well. Gould’s Golden Stone and Olive Amy’s Ant.

This is officially the start of summer fishing and the caddis, PMDs and yellow sallie fishing will only get better. Bring all of your gear! 3 rods in the boat is a very good idea so you can take dry fly, streamer and nymphing opportunities as they arise.

We still have a one room spot June 16-19 and a one room spot July 10-13. We do have some good availability in August which is when we start really seeing the big fish on streamers and also our prolific trico hatch.

Pic: Charles with a cool streamer eating brown. One of five from yesterday.