Grey Reef Fly Fishing Report

Where to start….  Grey Reef, Fremont Canyon and Miracle Mile conditions are as good as they have ever been for late August!  Grey Reef flows are holding steady at 1,500cfs and water temperatures are hovering around the upper 50’s, low 60’s below Grey Reef Dam.  Water clarity is good all the way to Casper and beyond.  There is some floating vegetation, so count on doing a little fly cleaning, especially if your throwing nymphs.  Dry fly fishing has been good on tricos in the morning and caddis in the evenings.  If your struggling seeing a size 20 trico spinner try leading with a higher profile dry like a royal wulff(sz. 16) or para adams(sz.14 or 16).  A nymph setup has been our go-to program…5ft, a single BB and pheasant-tails, cdc pheasant tails, foam-wing RS2s(chocolate and gray), jujubaetis, GS mayhem(purple).  Our guides have been concentrating more on the faster moving stretches of the river, which definitely seems to be where a bulk of the fish are holding.  Not to say you can pick them out of some of those slower spots…but the faster stuff has been producing the numbers.  The streamer bite continues to be a little spotty but we have been picking up fish at the right times of day, under the right conditions.  There is without question a direct correlation between overcast and the fish being more willing to chase.  As always, patterns in sz. 4-8 are getting more grabs-i.e. articluated goldies, goldies, crystal buggers, crawdizzles.  Although the smaller stuff is producing the grabs, don’t hesitate tying on the big, nasty articulated stuff.  Late summer/fall is the time when it starts to work.  With the prey base increasing in size, big fly can equal big fish!  Lastly, we are seeing a good number of hoppers along the banks and our willing guides/guests have been getting into a few fish on foam flies.  I don’t believe this year will prove to be an epic hopper year, at this point(like 2010 and 2011) but September could bring about some great big dry opportunities on upper Grey Reef and beyond.