Grey Reef Fly Fishing

So…we apologize for the delay, it’s been a busy week.  We have had lots of boats on the water, PRIMER trips, boat rentals, shop business, etc.  Thank you for your business!!  As for the fishing…I have been guiding quite a bit over the past week and I have to say in twelve years of working on this river-the fishing is ridiculous!!!!  Wadefishing, drifting, it does not seem to matter.  Fish are on the feed!  Yesterday we spent the day doing both and I don’t think we went longer than 5 minutes without a fish.  That’s no joke.  We fished a brown UV leech and a pulsating emerger all day.  6ft 1BB.  Had a ton of fish eat on the swing.  I would like to list all the anglers and guides who have stuck big fish the past week but it would be too long.  Our guides and guests have put countless numbers of 21″+ fish in the net with the biggest being a 26″ brown…congrats to Seth and the Sanderson boys.

Don’t forget the flush starts tomorrow at 1am.