Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Flows Bumped and Fishing Report

Wyoming Fly Fishing is proving that, above all others, we’ve got the goods. Consistently clear and productive fishing is what Grey Reef is all about. BuRec bumped flows to 3000cfs today at The Reef and Miracle Mile flows are 2500cfs. This is good news and since this marks the beginning of the West’s runoff we will be one of the only games in town. Good to be at Grey Reef! This also means we are going to be in awesome shape come the warm season. Good to be at Grey Reef! We’ve had excellent light rig baetis and midge nymphing on the upper, solid streamer activity on the lower…a 6 brown quick float the other day. Miracle Mile has been temperamental with good results one day and tough the next. Fremont Canyon…what can we say? Dry fly and great fishing in that play-park. Baetis will be winding down and PMDs will be the next to show. Yellow Sallies will there too. Caddis will gather steam and be a nightly dry fly opportunity and afternoon soft hackle in the riffle target. With our volume of water we expect some excellent hopper, trico, caddis dry fly during the eclipse weekend. Better get some lodging while the getting is good. Our cottages are all gone but we are still holding out for a 12 guest lodge group to get the best accommodations, guides, access as well as guided eclipse viewing…then back to fishing. Aug 18-21 departing the 22nd. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Fish the Eclipse!