Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon & Big Horn River

Central Wyoming was walloped with snow again. Our snow pack is going to make the fishing amazing for 2017. Grey Reef has open water up top and is fishing well with a slow stripped streamer or midge/scud nymph rig. Miracle Mile is better left alone for a couple days so the roads can stabilize but the fishing has been solid. Again a slow stripped streamer or shorts nymph rig has been the got to. Fremont is solid with nymph rigs and even midge drys during calm moments. The Big Horn is fishing well again the streamer, nymph rig and dry fly opportunities exist.

We are offering our early season rates through March 14. Full day guided fishing with ALL private access plus lodging. The fishing doesn’t suffer during these times. In fact, it is often some of the best fishing of the year. Lots of folks aren’t thinking fishing in the winter months…but they should! We are still holding some eclipse dates, so give a shout if you all about a once in a lifetime experience. Lodge spots are booking but we still have a few full lodge options (for up to 12 guests) during the season.

Some exciting new stuff about to go down in A town…Alcova! We think there needs to be some additional benefits to the visitors of our little village. We are excited, anyway!